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Mouthwatering Motivation - Keto Baking 101 Course


• All of the information you need to become a keto-baking pro.

• Learn which ingredients to use for each application and why.

• Watch how-to baking videos & discover how to convert your own traditional recipes to be completely keto friendly!

• Easy-to-follow sections, go at your own pace.

• Find out more below.

What's Included in the course...

Learn how to substitute keto flours, sweeteners, fats, liquids and oils for regular high-carb baking ingredients.

Learn about flour combinations, when to use each ingredient, how much to use and why.

Learn how to convert standard recipes into keto friendly recipes.

Follow how-to videos for keto versions of common baked goods.

Find out about additional keto ingredients you may not have heard of or be using to their full advantage.

1:1 Support available. Ask your questions and get direct feedback from myself (author of keto food blog, Mouthwatering Motivation)

Troubleshoot recipes. Learn why baked goods aren't turning out the way you want them too.

Receive a grocery list, my personal product recommendations, as well as other helpful baking tips.

Bonus Section #1

Unlock my secret flour combinations that I use to create almost all of the keto recipes on my blog (I have NEVER shared these before!)

Bonus Section #2

For those who have purchased the Keto Bread & Pastry Flour. Learn in detail how to use your Keto Bread and Pastry Flour like a pro for a variety of baking applications!

Have you ever wondered why your keto muffins don't rise or your low carb cookies crumble apart? Or maybe you're confused about the many different keto flours available and not sure where to start...

Wouldn't it be nice if keto baked goods could turn out as good, if not better than some of your old favorites?

I mean, how good would it feel to go to a party with your homemade keto brownies and have people compliment you, asking incessently for the recipe? All the while, not even knowing they are keto friendly.

And wouldn't it be amazing to bake all of your old favourite treats again, knowing you could easily convert any recipe, at any time to fit your ketogenic lifestyle?

Sounds like a wonderful dream doesn't it?

Well, thankfully in some rare cases, dreams do come true.

(Unfortunately I can't offer you that brand new sports car you've been dreaming of or that million dollar lottery ticket...

Buttttt I can offer you a ticket to the best keto baked goods you've ever made).

With my up-coming course, "Keto Baking 101", I share with you every last substitution, tip, trick, technique..etc that I've used to create all of my keto recipes over the years. This is coming from a girl with 9+ years of keto baking experience, an obsession with the science of baking and an overwhelming need for perfection.

(And a Bachelor's of Science in Food and Nutrition if degrees are important to you...But really that's probably the least exciting part of my background).

With that said, over the years I've had the pleasure of developing keto recipes for brands including; Keto Bars, :Ratio Bars, Lakanto, Stoka Bars, Modern Mountain Flour, Simply Delish, Sukrin Gold... and more!

You can also find all of my personal keto recipes posted on my blog:

I've been extremely involved in the online keto community over the years. I've LOVED getting to talk online with many of you.

But as I've spoken with my regular blog readers, reddit commentors, Instagram friends..etc, I've noticed a pattern of questions in regards to keto baking.

I've received SO many questions over the years. I decided to finally condense all of the information and put it in one place.

So that's exactly what this course is.

It is my most comprehensive guide to keto baking yet.

I really tried to include every last detail I could think of and I truly hope you find it helpful.

I reccomend this course to anyone looking to up-level their low carb baking. It's great if you have some regular baking experience but I've designed the course to be beginner-friendly as well.

The course is pre-recorded (not live). So you'll be able to go through each sections at your own pace.

I also offer 1:1 email support for an additional fee if you have any specifc questions you'd like answered!

Read on below to learn more about the course launch date, as well as how you can secure a spot at a reduced price for a limited time!


Course Curriculm

*This course is available for the early bird discount until it's official launch on September 25th, after which it will return to full price.

Early Bird Discount

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FAQ - Click to View Responses

Is this a live baking course?

It is not! Due to personal time constraints, this course is filmed in advance. BUT, this means you'll be able to go through each of the sections at your own pace, without any strict schedule to follow.

I will also be responding daily to those who have selected to enroll with 1:1 support. If you have a question or need guidance, I'll always do my best to reply as soon as possible!

How is this course different from your keto substitution ebook?

Compared to my subtitution ebook, this course has about 100x the amount of information! It's much more comprehensive and detailed. It's also been created years later making it much more relavent.

The substitution ebook was simply a tool I created for you to reference during your keto baking, just as you'd reference a chart to convert certain measurements. It was not meant as a complete guide.

This course goes deep into the actual application of these baking substitutions, and includes many additional substitution tips not found in the ebook. On top of that, it offers video content and 1:1 support as needed.

What format is the course content shared?

The course utilizes both visual and written format. Written portions contain the bulk of the information so you're able to reference it easily, while video content is used as supplimentary tool to re-iterate certain topics or ideas.

Video will also be used to display certain baking techniques and skills and for actual recipe application.

What does "pre-purchase" mean exactly?

Pre-purchasing the course means you'll automatically be enroled on the launch date! It also means you'll be able to purchase the course ahead of time for a reduced price. I can only take on so many 1:1 students at a time, so by enroling early, you ensure you are able to secure a 1:1 spot before I have to pause enrolment.

When does the course officially launch?

The course launches September 25th as I know many of you will be getting ready to start some holiday baking! This will give you some time to learn the techniques and substitutions prior to this!


This is the pre-sell prior to the actual launch of the "Keto Baking 101" course. When you purchase the course, you will secure a spot and be emailed instructions to access the course on it's launch date: September 25th, 2022. There is no re-occuring charge and you will be able to access the course content indefinitely after September 25th 2022.

Course content IS subject to change prior to the course launch date AND following the course launch date. This would simply include course improvements, minor module changes...etc. The general structure of the course will remain the same.

Future changes may include the addition of new modules, videos or sections at no extra charge to you.

Again, this is a pre-recorded course, it is not live. There is no set schedule you need to follow when completing the course.

Finally, the 1:1 support is an additional cost as you'll notice when purchasing. Please purchase this option if you plan to ask questions, get feedback and/or help with sections. Otherwise, if you have a question regarding the course as a whole or one minor question, you can simply reach out to me at

Just know that email responses for 1:1 students will be prioritized. Multiple questions regarding the course will not receive a response if you have not selected 1:1 support. Though you can send a request to purchase 1:1 support later on if needed.

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