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Help Center

You can find most of the Keto Bread & Pastry Flour Recipes on our main recipe blog:

(*Note that this blog is also home to many other keto recipes that do not use the Keto Bread & Pastry Flour).

To locate the Keto Bread & Pastry Flour recipes specifically:

1. Visit:

2. At the top of the page select "Recipe Index".

3. Inside the recipe index there will be categories to choose from.

4. Click "Show 12 more".

5. Tick the box beside the words "Keto Flour Recipes (Recipes Using MouthwateringMotivation Keto Bread & Pastry Flour) (12)"

6. You can now click on any one of the photos to view the recipe, click "load more" to see additional recipes. 

Searching for our popular Keto Pizza Crust or Keto Sweetened Condensed Milk Bread recipe? Click the highlighted words to visit the recipe directly.

The Keto Bread & Pastry Flour Ebook

Lastly, when you purchase The Keto Bread & Pastry Flour, you will receive an ebook download, which includes recipes to get you started. 

This includes; keto chocolate chip cookies, buns, bread, muffins..and more. This ebook also gives you tips on how to substitute the Keto Flour for white flour depending on the baking application.

*If for any reason you do not automatically receive an email with a link to the ebook download post-purchase, first check your junk/spam folder. If you still cannot locate the ebook, please send an email with your order number to We will be happy to get a copy sent over to you ASAP!

When you purchase The Keto Bread & Pastry Flour, you will receive an email link with a download to an ebook that gives pointers on how to substitute The Keto Bread & Pastry Flour in a variety of recipes. (Reach out to if you have any trouble locating the ebook post-purchase). 

Typically Keto Bread & Pastry Flour can be substituted 1:1 or substituted 1:1 + additional liquids and/or fat for white flour, depending on the recipe. 

Alternatively, as a general rule, you can substitute 3/4 cup Keto Bread & Pastry Flour for every 1 cup white flour in most recipes without needing to make any changes to the liquid portion of the recipe. If you find the dough or batter too moist, add another 1-2 tbsp of flour. 

Feel free to reach out at any time to: for more specific substitution or baking questions.

We typically recommend you knead the dough by hand when making bread with The Keto Bread & Pastry Flour. This is because it requite quite a bit less kneading time than traditional bread dough. Using a bread maker can sometimes cause the dough to become "over-worked". 

Though, if you are able to change the settings to decrease the knead-time on your bread maker then it is completely doable! 

The rest of the process (rising, punching down, second rise and baking of the dough) is very similar to that of regular bread. 

The Keto Bread & Pastry Flour is designed to work best at replacing white flour in traditional recipes.

 BUT with that said, if you'd like to use it in a keto recipe, you can typically swap it 1:1 for coconut flour. Though, when it comes to recipes calling for almond flour, we don't recommend swapping The Keto Flour unless it's only for a portion of the almond flour. 

See below for our best recommendations.

If substituting for almond flour. Use 3 tbsp - 1/4 cup keto flour for every 1 cup almond flour. 

If substituting for coconut flour. Use 1 - 1 cup + 2 tbsp keto flour for every 1 cup coconut flour.

This is a very common question.  Thankfully you have nothing to worry about! 

The reason we call for 1-2 teaspoons of sugar in our keto bread recipes, as well as some of the other yeast baked goods is simply because you need sugar for yeast to activate.

We always say, "the sugar is not for you to eat, it's for the yeast!"

The yeast consumes the sugar like food. It needs the sugar to "activate". This process of activation, where the yeast consumes the sugar results in a byproduct of CO2 and alcohol

These two ingredients are what give yeast-baked goods their signature flavour and texture. It's what causes the dough to rise!

Now if you are still concerned, you are welcome to use inulin (a resistant fiber found in starchy vegetables and fruits) as an alternative to sugar. It works the same way!

We tend to recommend sugar only because it's more readily available, generally cheaper and produces the same final result. 

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Shipping Delays:

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We'll do out best to get your order to you on time. If you have a specific date you need your order by, please reach out to us as we'll do our best to make that a possibility.

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Alternatively, you can simply use the discount code: CANADASHIP on our US check-out to receive 15% off your order. 

(*If you are located in the US, this discount will not apply to your order. We ship from Canada so the savings for our Canadian customers are purely based on shipping cost). 

Refund Policy

Your 100% satisfaction is important for us. We offer a 30-days Refund Policy:

  • If your flour gets damaged or is open upon a delivery, please contact us and we will immediately send you a replacement.
  • Timing: we have a 30-days Refund Policy, since the day item was received. If you aren't satisfied with our flour, you can request a full refund, though we do ask that you write us with an explanation so we can improve on our product for future customers.
  • If the refund is approved, then it will be processed and a credit will automatically be applied to customer's credit card or original payment method shortly after.
  • We do not accept returns for safety reasons, as this is a food product. 
  • Send refund/product replacement inquiries to:

Keto Bread and Pastry Flour - Wheat

Our product does contain wheat. We often get concerns that this makes our product not a keto friendly food or that it's not friendly for diabetics and those following a low carb life style.

In short, this is false. A ketogenic diet requires a limit in carbohydrates (typically 50g NET carbohydrates per day or less to stay in ketosis, often 20g NET carbohydrates is used as a limit for more strict adherence).

For both of these instances, Keto Bread & Pastry Flour is fully acceptable. It contains 3g NET carbohydrates per 1/4 cup keeping it well within the daily limit of 20-50 NET carbs. Our bread recipe itself only contains 2.2 NET carbs/slice as you aren't often eating 1/4 cup of plain flour on it's own.

Wheat often gets a bad rep in keto communities because it's high in carbohydrates but with our flour we utilize "vital wheat gluten", which is the protein extracted from wheat. The protein itself is extremely low in carbohydrates and, is on it's own, a great source of protein. You can think of it as similar to almond flour with almost the same level of carbohydrates per cup. 

We also use a very small amount of unbleached organic wheat flour in our mix. This is often mistaken as a main ingredient and likely to knock someone out of ketosis. Again, this is just simply not the case. We use a minimal quantity of this flour to improve the texture of baked goods. That's it's only purpose. The carbohydrates attributed to the unbleached organic wheat flour per 1/4 cup of Keto Bread & Pastry Flour are just 1.5g (of the total 3g NET carbs). 

Again, it's not the wheat that knocks you out of ketosis, it is the carbohydrates themselves. So remove most of the carbohydrates and wheat products can be completely keto friendly and offer the benefit of better flavour and texture in low carb baking.

*Lastly, we do want to stress, if you are celiac or have a confirmed gluten allergy, then that's the only time you would want to avoid our Keto Bread & Pastry Flour.

If you'd like to read more about vital wheat gluten, you can access our full article here: Is Vital Wheat Gluten Keto?

Short Answer: 

Mouthwatering Motivation is still a very small business doing it's best in a world where keto ingredients are very pricey and only limited suppliers produce them! As we grow, we can begin to reduce costs! *The Keto Bread & Pastry Flour pouch is also 2.5x the size of the average keto baking mix so please remember that when comparing cost!

Long Answer: 

I get this comment or question quite often so I thought I'd address it here! 

I'm saying "I" because it's generally a one woman show behind the scenes! 

Hi I'm Sam, the creator of Mouthwatering Motivation and The Keto Flour. If you don't wish to read my lengthy response below (I don't blame you), the short answer is: 

We are still a very small business in the early stages of growth. Specialty ingredients and shipping prices for Canadian small businesses are not cheap. But we are doing everything we can to improve on this and I'm confident in our changes soon to come!

For the first 6 months of launching the flour, I fulfilled every order on my own. From preparing the mix, to packaging, shipping it, responding to customer emails, creating recipes, video content, marketing etc.. I have a simple kitchen space with one large mixing bowl and a packaging set-up I created to streamline the process a bit. 

Since I'm only one person and don't own a large production facility, I have limited storage, production and shipping capacity. I ship all orders myself from my location in Ontario, Canada. I do the best I can to find the lowest cost shipping options available to me. I also source ingredients from many different suppliers to get the lowest possible cost while retaining the quality standard I set for my brand. 

All of these things add up. Starting a small business in an industry that's already known to be "expensive" is tough! But with the support of each person who purchases the flour, I've been able to make small changes, which have ultimately lead to bigger changes over-time.

In November 2021 when the flour took off online. It BLEW ME AWAY. Seeing the feedback, I am SO incredibly grateful. But with such a large influx of orders, I out-grew my small kitchen space almost over-night.

This means, in March of 2022 we will finally be moving to large scale production. Co-packers, 3PL shipping services..the whole 9 yards. (Que my dance party of one alone in my kitchen). This is good news for us both, because as things grow, we can see prices come down while the shipping and packaging of the flour is vastly improved.

 Until then, I have my amazing parents, Tim and Lisa, helping me to run through all our current orders and make sure they go out as soon as possible. 

All I ask is that you are patient with us during this transition and you understand, we are not out to be greedy or to over-charge you, we're simply covering current costs. We genuinely want our customers to have the best possible experience and we intend to make that a reality in the next few months. I promise you, some VERY exciting things are coming. I absolutely cannot wait to share them with you. 

With that said, know that all current profits go directly towards the improvement of our product and services. Every order puts us one step closer.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for turning my dream into a reality.


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