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The Keto Bread & Pastry Flour Story
How It Started
Hi, I'm Sam. I'm a 26 year old nutrition grad turned keto baker. A few years ago, in my parent's kitchen I discovered a recipe for keto pastry after a whole lot of experimentation and a little luck. This pastry became one of the top recipes on my keto food blog: Later, I went on to create the first keto croissants with traditional butter layers and proper technique. After that, I had a desire to improve upon my original recipe. I just KNEW it could be better. So with that, I set out on a journey to create the best keto flour blend.
I wanted this to be something not only helpful for keto pastry but as an all purpose blend that could be used in all baking applications, similar to white flour. Something that would truly change way people looked at ketogenic diets. No more missing out, no more dry, crumbly, dense breads and desserts. No more confusion over 5 different flours you need to buy to create a recipe. Just one all-purpose flour you can use in every application. So that's what I created. 
I know the in's and outs of every ingredient and recipe and I know the frustrations many of us face...deflated gummy breads, crumbly cookies, flat muffins that don't rise, grainy cakes.. I've been there and I understand! This flour is designed to solve every one of those problems. 
It started with just me in a small kitchen with one giant mixing bowl and a passion for baking. I still make, package and ship each mix to order...But now I have some help from my amazing, supportive parents, Tim and Lisa. I really could not do this without them.                                                                                                               
mom and dad                                                                 
Soon we'll be moving production to a larger facility and we'll be able to reach larger audiences. It's all because of your support. Thank you for those that have left kind reviews, tagged me in their own recipes and shared their feedback with me through email and direct messages. This is such an exciting journey and all I can say is... we are just getting started. Keto Bread & Pastry Flour is about to see a huge make-over in 2022 and take things up a notch. I hope you'll all be there for the journey.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
I have developed keto recipes for myself and other companies for over 9 years through I'm extremely technical when it comes to my baking and very relentless when it comes to perfecting a recipe. I've made a single recipe 14 times in one day because I wasn't satisfied with the results. I've made 31 loaves of bread using different variations within 5 days to find the ingredients that produce the best keto loaf. I've even gotten up at 2:00am, 3:00am etc when I have a great idea and gone to my kitchen to start baking. I've always been very determined in everything I do.
Prior to baking keto recipes full-time, I worked for a nutrition supplement company and competed in bodybuilding competitions. Prior to that I worked at a French Crêperie & Pâtisserie. I also have my BSc in foods and nutrition and my Pn1 certification. I'm extremely passionate about nutrition and optimizing my health as well as others. I absolutely love what I do and all of your feedback makes my job so worth-while! 

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