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Keto Bread & Pastry Flour Baking Guide

General Rule: Substitute 1 cup (120g) of white flour with 1 cup (114g) Keto Bread & Pastry Flour in your baking applications.


  • For yeast baked goods, be sure to include at least 1 - 2 tsp sugar OR 1 - 2 tbsp inulin to provide food for the yeast. This will be converted to CO2 and alcohol. For any additional sugar called for in bread/other yeast baked goods, you can simply use a sweetener of your choice. 
  • For best flavour in cookies we like a blend of some almond flour along with the keto bread and pastry flour. 
  • For puff pastry, we like to subtract 3-4 tbsp of butter from the amount called for in an original white flour recipe. Use a touch more ice water to bring your dough together if needed. (Example, traditional recipe calls for 1 cup butter, use 3/4 cup butter instead). This is optional but helps to prevent excess butter from leaking out of your pastry during baking.
  • We highly recommend using a scale to most accurately use Keto Bread & Pastry Flour as a replacement in traditional recipes. If you are using a measuring cup, do NOT pack or over-fill. Add an extra few tablespoons of liquid or fat if your batter is too thick or dry. 
  • Don't over-mix batters and doughs. Keto Bread & Pastry Flour has a higher quantity of the protein "gluten" than regular white flour. This is what gives structure to your baked goods. Over-mixing can cause baked goods such as muffins to be a bit gummy and tough. Simply mix until you no longer see clumps of flour. You can even add mix-ins such as nuts or chocolate chips to the dry ingredients so you don't need to fold them in later on. 
  • Kneading bread should only require ~5min for typical bread dough. For softer breads and rolls, this could be just slightly longer. Always do the window pane test to check if dough has been kneaded enough. (Use your thumb and index finger on both hands to pull some of the dough. You want to be able to stretch it the the point where it's pretty well see through without tearing easily). Over-kneaded bread dough will become almost too elastic and you'll find it tougher to shape. 



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