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Keto Recipe Conversion Service | Turn any regular recipe into a keto recipe! *NEW*

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  • Make sure you enter an email address at check-out.
  • Post-Purchase, check your inbox (as well as junk mail folder) for an email containing a few questions. Please reply to the email and attach an image, word document or pdf of your recipe (if applicable).
  • "Ketofied" Recipes returned to you will be written both by weight (grams) as well as by volume (cups, tablespoons, teaspoons etc.) I typically recommend weighing ingredients if possible as it's generally more accurate.
  • Please allow 3-5 days to receive your recipe conversion/recipes from scratch and up to 7 days for multiple recipes.

    Have an original recipe you LOVE but not sure how to make it keto friendly?

    That's where I come in! 

    Send me your original recipe and I'll send you back a "Ketofied" version of it, as I like to call it.

    For example, maybe you want to make a keto version of your Grandma's famous pumpkin pie, your dad's secret rib sauce, or your Mom's cream cheese frosted carrot cake..or maybe you just want to make a keto version of a simple comfort food you used to enjoy. 

    Don't have a written recipe you'd like to convert but have a concept?

    Send me the name of the food or recipe idea and I'll do the work for you!

    For example, maybe you want to make shortbread cookies, bagels, soft pretzels, shepard's pie, strawberry short cake, meat loaf, spinach & cheese pastries, chocolate truffles, sausage rolls, lemon name it.

    I'll create the recipe for you from scratch!

    Why use this service?

    • Most keto substitutions for standard ingredients are not 1:1. Keto flours have different properties. Almond flour is not very absorbent and more granular than all purpose flour. It also has a much higher fat content that has to be taken into account. Coconut flour on the other hand is very absorbent and can cause baked goods to become dry and crumbly if you use too much. For this reason, you need a strong knowledge of how keto ingredients work to be able to substitute them correctly. 
    • Keto ingredients are expensive. Have you ever tried to make a keto recipe only for it to be an epic fail? (Ya, me too). But thankfully I've went through the trial and error for you. Years of baking experience has led me to understand what works in which situation to avoid these disastrous recipe flops.
    • Save your time! Don't waste time trying to figure out an alternative to your favourite recipe. Let me do the job for you.  
    • Achieve great results! I've created and converted thousands of keto recipes over the years. I'm extremely technical when it comes to substituting ingredients. I can promise you, each substitution will be chosen carefully to make the end result as close to the original as possible! 

    Disclaimer: Recipe conversions are based on my BEST educated guess as a full-time keto recipe developer. I do not physically test all recipes. I convert them as I would if I was testing for a new blog recipe. 

    About Me

    Hi, I'm Sam! (Also known as sammysamgirl or sammysamgurl on many of my social media platforms). 

    I'm the author and owner of the popular keto food blog, Mouthwatering Motivation

    I've been a keto recipe developer for over 10 years. I graduated Western University with a BSc in Foods in nutrition. During my time in school, I also worked for a French Creperie & Patisserie, where I learned many techniques that I still apply today. Though many of the baking skills I've learned have come from years of personal trial and error!

    After graduating University, I worked for a well-known nutrition supplement company for 3 years before leaving to go full-time with my career in low carb blogging and recipe development. Since then, I've had the privilege of working with some fantastic keto brands, including; :Ratio Bars, Simply Delish, Modern Mountain Flour, Keto Bars, Keto4All Canada and Stoka Nutrition. I've also had the sweetener brands, Lakanto and Sukrin use many of my recipes for content on their social media platforms. 

    I have a strong background, not only in recipe development. But also in the science behind the ketogenic diet. I competed in bodybuilding competitions from a young age and was able to "self-experiment" with many ways of eating to find what worked best for me.

    The ketogenic diet is very underrated for its physiological advantages outside of weight loss alone. It's a very therapeutic diet, which I've seen aid in conditions such as; diabetes, insulin resistance, crohns, IBS (first-hand might I add), chronic fatigue, and so much more! This is why I chose to invest my time into learning the ins and outs of living a ketogenic lifestyle.

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